Core Services

  • Airfreight

    Worldwide import and export by air

    Air freight is the fastest way of transport. Celocs takes care of your daily incoming and outgoing air freight deliveries.

  • Seafreight

    Worldwide import and export by sea

    Sea freight is great for large transports which have to reach their destination within a couple of weeks

  • Road cargo

    Worldwide import and export by road

    Road transport is excellent if you need your goods to reach their end destination as fast as possible.

  • Customs clearing

    Combine our transport services with our customs clearance

    Celocs is an expert in clearing all possible goods and taking care of the accompanying paperwork.

  • Storage and distribution

    Storage and distribution

    Celocs has a state-of-the-art ultra warehouse in the Dutch city Almere.(close to Amsterdam Airport Schiphol)

  • Rail cargo

    Railroads are the most efficient transportation mode for moving goods, cheaper than road freight as rail cars can carry larger volumes over greater distances.


Specialised knowledge

Celocs is an independent logistics service provider. We do airfreight, seafreight, road transport, customs clearing and warehousing.

We have a worldwide network of providers and agents. On top of this, our team has extensive knowledge of national and international laws and regulations on custom affairs.  We provide competitive rates, accuracy, speed and professional transport.

Regular cargo
Plants and flowers