Road cargo

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Worldwide import and export by road

Road transport is excellent if you need your goods to reach their end destination as fast as possible. Celocs offers tailor-made transport solutions on a national and international level. With a daily pick-up, goods are transported fast, flexibly and efficiently. All you have to do, is tell us where we need to pick up your freight and where you want it to go. Of course, you can combine any of our services.

The road transport activities of Celocs comprise of:

  • Door-to-door delivery
  • Groupage
  • Partial deliveries (LTL)
  • Complete cargoes (FTL)
  • Track & trace system
  • Temperature-controlled transport
  • Dangerous goods

Our specialization

Dangerous goods
Charters and projects
General cargo


  • Door to door delivery

    Door-to-door delivery is a service where the freight forwarder guarantees that the goods will be picked up from and delivered to the locations decided by the end customer. Door-to-door delivery will be comprehensive to include the collection, repackaging (if required), shipping, the payment of port fees, customs clearance and delivery of your goods to the door of the consignee.

  • Partial deliveries (LTL)

    Less than truckload. When your shipment does not need a whole truck, you book “LTL” and your goods are shipped with other customers’ goods. This is a lower-cost solution than booking a whole truck.

  • Groupage

    With our groupage service we combine cargo from different customers on our trailers. Very convenient for smaller freight to be delivered within a scheduled time frame.

  • Complete cargoes (FTL)

    FTL: Full truckload. When you want your shipment to occupy a truck exclusively. This can be because your shipment would fill a whole truck, or because you want to pay for a whole truck even though your shipment would not fill it completely. This may be the case if you want faster collection and delivery, but it is probably more expensive than booking LTL – less than truckload.

  • Temperature controlled transport

    Temperature controlled transport is required in order to prevent unnecessary loss of quality during the distribution of perishable products. This includes pharmaceutical products, food products or laboratory samples. Temperature controlled transport is part of the overall cold chain in which products are stored and transported under the right and controlled conditions.

  • Track and trace system

    Track and trace is the process of identifying past and current locations of inventory items in the supply chain.

  • Dangerous goods

    Dangerous goods are substances or articles that pose a risk to people, property or the environment, due to their chemical or physical properties.