Sea freight

We are great at what we do

Worldwide import and export by sea

Sea freight is great for large transports which have to reach their destination within a couple of weeks. We offer a cost effficient and reliable service to transport your cargo all over the world through large container ships.

The sea freight activities of Celocs comprise of:

  • Weekly groupage (LCL)
  • Full containers (FCL)
  • Customs clearance
  • Warehousing and transshipment
  • Clearances

Our specialization

Customs clearance


  • Weekly groupage (LCL)

    Less than Container Load,  LCL, or groupage, as it is otherwise known, refers to shipments that take up only a portion of the entire container

  • Full containers (FCL)

    International airlines use cargo terminals / warehouses located near airports across the USA to collect cargo that is then trucked to the airports where the cargo is actually loaded onto their flights and exported to their foreign hub.   At the hub the cargo is then transferred to the next aircraft or to a truck that then transports the cargo to the next or to the destination terminal.

  • Customs clearance

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  • Warehousing and trans shipment

    Perishable goods (such as fruits, flowers, and vegetables) were among the first commodities carried by air. However, such goods deteriorate over time and under extreme temperatures and humidity, and must thus be handled with particular care.

    With years of operating experience, Celocs has developed effective handling techniques for chilled and frozen products, providing shippers with optimum, cost-efficient packaging methods.